Gulf Capital Acquires a Controlling Stake in Sporter.com, the leading online retailer of sports and nutrition supplements in the GCC
Gulf Related's Al Maryah Central 50% Leased; The Galleria on Al Maryah Island Adds 7 New Restaurants
Gulf Capital Receives "Best Alternative Investment Firm" in the Middle East
Middle East Glass, a Gulf Capital Portfolio Company, acquires 100% of Egyptian Misr Glass Manufacturing


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Gulf Capital PJSC is a financial investment company licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. Gulf Capital Credit Partners Limited, a subsidiary of Gulf Capital PJSC, is regulated by the DFSA for the provision of advisory and arranging services. All communications and services are directed at Professional Clients (as defined in the DIFC rules) only, persons other than Professional Clients, such as Retail Clients (as defined in the DIFC rules), are NOT the intended recipients of our communications or services. Gulf Capital Credit Partners Limited is a company established in the DIFC pursuant to the DIFC Companies Law with registration number CL1803.

The term "Gulf Capital" refers to Gulf Capital PJSC and its subsidiary and affiliate companies, limited partnerships, their respective directors, partners, officers, employees or agents.

Fraud Alert

Gulf Capital* alerts the its investors, its shareholders, the financial services community, and the public to false websites and communications and solicitations issued purportedly by members of Gulf Capital's Board of Directors. These websites and communications are targeting members of the public and investors (victims) by pretending to be Gulf Capital's Chief Executive Officer and/or other members of Gulf Capital's Board of Directors and soliciting investments and other dealings. Gulf Capital confirms that neither Gulf Capital's Chief Executive Officer nor any members of Gulf Capital's Board of Directors have made any offers for intended investment partnership or other dealings through these channels and that their names and identities are being used illegally and without their consent.

Gulf Capital and its management have taken and will continue to take the strongest possible action against anyone they find using Gulf Capital’s name or the names or identities of any members of the Board of Directors of Gulf Capital or Gulf Capital's senior management illegally or without consent for whatever reason.

Report Scams

We invite you to immediately contact fraud-detection@gulfcapital.com:

  1. If you have received any unsolicited correspondence or investment advice or you think you have been contacted in relation to a possible scam either by telephone, email or courier by sources impersonating Gulf Capital's Board of Directors or any members of Gulf Capital's senior management.
  2. If you have received notice from anyone outside of Gulf Capital informing you or raising concern regarding the fact that they may have been contacted by any sources impersonating Gulf Capital's Board of Directors or any members of Gulf Capital's senior management.
  3. If you have received any communications referencing any of Gulf Capital's Board of Directors that you consider are suspicious or you are not sure how to respond to.
  4. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any website passing itself of as Gulf Capital or referencing the names and identities of the Board of Directors of Gulf Capital or any of its senior management.

Note: When forwarding suspicious e-mails to fraud-detection@gulfcapital.com:

  1. Do not modify the original subject line or contents enclosed, and do not include any personal or confidential information.
  2. Do forward the full internet headers of any suspicious emails to fraud-detection@gulfcapital.com before deleting. The full internet headers allow Gulf Capital to track the true origin of the correspondence. The internet headers can be found through your e-mail system from within the e-mail. For example, in Microsoft Outlook, you can find the internet headers by opening the e-mail, then choosing "View" and "Options". Depending on the e-mail system that you use, the process for locating the internet headers will vary. We recommend you either copy and paste the internet header and message into a new e-mail or scan the e-mail and full headers and send as a PDF attachment to ensure it is received by fraud-detection@gulfcapital.com

Protect Yourself
  1. You should not get into a conversation with any fraudsters but you should ensure that you get the correct name of the person and organisation and make a record of any other information they give you e.g. telephone number, address etc. and forward such information to fraud-detection@gulfcapital.com.
  2. You should obtain independent legal and financial and professional advice before handing over any funds or entering into any agreements in relation to such solicitations.
  3. You should not respond or open any attachments or links associated with any suspicious e-mails.

Limitation of Liability

Gulf Capital disclaims liability to anyone for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages or loss including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, trading losses, investment losses resulting from or arising out of any unauthorized, illegal, fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate:

  1. use by any third party of any of the contents of this website (www.gulfcapital.com) or any associated links or the names of the members of the Board of Directors of Gulf Capital or any other directors, partners, officers, employees or agents of Gulf Capital; or
  2. correspondence, promotion, invitation, offer or solicitation (in any form whether oral or written) to engage in any investment activity purportedly on behalf of Gulf Capital.

Anyone entering or using the Gulf Capital website (www.gulfcapital.com) is taken to accept the terms of the limitation of liability above and will be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted Gulf Capital’s position as outlined in this communication.


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